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Custom Crating

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Top of the line software gives us the tools to provide our build teams with the most accurate and easy to read drawings to ensure the highest level of quality is reached.

Green Commitment

Pallet Source has a strong commitment to the Environment. We utilize 100% of all our materials.

Custom Crating Solutions

PalletSource uses an on-site Design Specialist Team to work with you one-on-one to come up with the optimal solution for your custom shipping needs. We use the most updated CAD software to ensure flawless design for both you and our build team which maximizes production accuracy. Our products allow yours to go the distance.

PalletSource Facts

  • Personal interaction with an actual design team member
  • Huge company buying power enables seemingly limitless options
  • Fast turn-around times
  • Reliable products with over 25 years of custom lumber product experience.

Green Commitment

PalletSource has a strong commitment to the environment. We utilize 100% of all our materials. Even our rejected lumber is fully utilized for Shingles, particleboard and wood Pellets for heating. To learn more about our environmental commitment, read about our Carbon Bare and Carbon Naked commitment.

Wood is the only major structural material that is Natural AND Renewable. Wood is the smart environmental choice.