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Carbon Bare

Learn more abut the PalletSource commitment to reforestation.

Carbon Naked

Do you know your carbon Footprint? PalletSource is Carbon Neutral

Wood: The Environmental Choice

Wood is the only major structural material that is Natural and Renewable.

Trees remove CO2 from the atmosphere and store it. Harvesting trees traps CO2, removing it from the atmosphere while trees left to decay release the CO2 back into the atmosphere.

100% of the wood we purchase is material that is salvaged from the construction industry. No trees are cut for our product.

Canada is the World leader with:

  • The most original forest
  • The most protected forest
  • The most certified forest and virtually no deforestation

All harvested areas, by law, must be regenerated by replanting and natural regeneration.

Our wood products which include wooden pallets and wood box springs are Eco Friendly.

Wood is the Eco Friendly choice

PalletSource specializes in the manufacturing of wood products including wood pallets, wood crating and wood bedding products. PalletSource leads our industry in “green”. When you choose to use wood products you are choosing the eco friendly choice that is better for the environment than plastic and metal.